Warranty Information

Warranty Information

For the specified warranty period indicated, the Zest Home warranty applies to the original purchaser of Zest Home products under the following prerequisites:

  1. Installation under normal and proper service conditions.
  2. Installation should be in accordance with Zest Home’s written instructions.
  3. The consumer/contractor acknowledges that Zest Home composite decking and accessories are not structural lumber and therefore may not be used as such.
  4. For purposes of the warranty, the “original purchaser” means the individual or individuals who were the owners of the specific property upon which Zest Home products were installed and should hold a Proof of Purchase from the installer.
  5. A recommended and registered installer of Zest Home is advised. Product failure due to non-compliant installations and poor handling of the supplied product will not be covered under this warranty.
  6. The installation has to be done over a solid and secure frame or concrete structure. Problems arising from poor foundations of installation will rest with the installer and NOT Zest Home.

When used and maintained in an above-ground application, the product shall remain free from material manufacturing defects and will not crack, splint, delaminate, rot, or suffer structural damage from fungal decay. However, a natural amount of fading within a settling period due to sun exposure is to be expected. This is a standard across all composite outdoor products.

It is essential that Outdoor Wall Panels are predrilled before inserting screws. Failure to do so will result in possible cracking of the panel edging, especially near the edge extremities, which will not be covered by our warranty. A rotary drill bit is recommended so as not to crack or damage the panel. Over-tightening will also result in the panel being compromised.

The term of the warranty for Zest Home composite decking and outdoor wall panels shall be 8 years, i.e., from the date of the original purchase provided that the purchaser maintains ownership of the identified property upon which Zest Home products were installed.

Percentage recovery based on the number of years used:

From Date of Purchase Percentage Recovery:

0-2 Years – 100% 2-3 Years – 75% 3-4 Years – 50% 4-5 Years – 25% 5-7 Years – 15% 7-8 Years – 10%

Claim Procedure

In order to proceed with a warranty claim against Zest Home, the purchaser must send to Zest Home (warranty@zesthome.co.za) photos of the defective product together with the proof of purchase.

All warranty claims must be received by Zest Home within the applicable warranty period. No warranty will be given if claims are submitted later than thirty (30) days after any discovery of a possible defect of the Zest Home product.


Zest Home does not warrant against and is not responsible for any condition attributable to, in whole, or in part, to:

  1. Improper installation of Zest Home products.
  2. Failure to abide by Zest Home’s written instructions.
  3. Defects in or failure arising from decking structure resulting from water caused by improper installation, workmanship, maintenance, or repair.
  4. Any act of God (including, but not limited to, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, earthquakes, lightning, hail, etc.).
  5. Damage resulting from casualty, fire, or exposure to heat sources such as cooking devices or retro-reflective surfaces.
  6. Climate change, irregular environmental conditions, static electricity, or any cause beyond the control of Zest Home.
  7. Intentional damage by sharp tools or harshly abrasive chemicals.
  8. Only Zest Home outdoor decking and outdoor wall panels are covered by the warranty clause. Indoor wall panels do not fall within a warrantied category.
  9. The cost of uplifting and reinstallation will not be covered by the Warranty.
  10. Only faulty panels will be replaced.
  11. The Warranty does not cover any cartage costs for the replacement products supplied to the purchaser.

All warranties provided by Zest Home, whether expressed or implied, are void if any one or more of the following instances occur:

  • The Zest Home product is not installed, maintained, and/or used strictly in accordance with Zest Home’s written instructions.
  • The Zest Home product is not installed in accordance with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations.
  • The intentional or unintentional misuse of the Zest Home product, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable.
  • The failure of the purchaser to properly and/or timely maintain or repair the Zest Home product.
  • The failure of the purchaser to provide timely notice to Zest Home regarding any defect of the Zest Home product (must be reported within a 30-day period after first noted).
  • Failure to provide the company with a dated proof of purchase.
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